There is a very dedicated, small team of volunteers that work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that your child can play the sport of their choice in a fun and safe environment. Most work full time and have one or more children playing for the Club. 

If you would like to make a difference and join the Committee please contact our President to discuss your involvement. For junior sport to survive and thrive, parents need to get involved and help where they can. All Committee members are volunteers, so please be respectful and keep this in mind when contacting them:

President: Joe McCarthy –
Vice President: Karyn Walsh–
Treasurer: Jay Wakefield –
Registrar Coordinator- Kellie Didmon
Boys 8-10 registrar- Robert Swarbrick
Boys 12-14 registrar – Kellie Didmon
Boys 16-18 registrar- Louise Goodall
Girls registrar – Jenni Campbell
Uniform Coordinator- Jodie Carroll
Trophies and Milestones- Stu Irving
Merchandise- Jane Gorton
Coach and Player Coordinator – Jake Jacobs
IT – Chris Gerke